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Another gaming website

2017-06-26 17:03:46 by 3cr

So I have a new game site out, looking to sponsor HTML5 games!

If you develop html5 games please send them over to me at or post them here.

Idle Sword Mobile

2015-11-09 13:46:13 by 3cr

Idle Sword, our latest mobile release, is free on android and apple!

Please download here:

Dig to China Mobile!

2014-04-24 13:04:09 by 3cr

GamesButler is pleased to announce our first mobile release! Developed by octopodo Dig to China is a free downloadable game on android and apple devices.

Download Here! Free game! Sponsorship

2007-08-31 17:33:07 by 3cr

Hey if anyone is looking for sponsorship drop me a PM here or contact me through Here's a few games I've sponsored or branded: